HF Ham Radio Antenna Mount





The pictures have text, but some things need to be outlined.

  • A great deal of attention must be paid to RF grounding I currently have a #4 welding cable and a couple of 1" braided cables running from the mount to the chassis. With plains to run an additional #4 welding cable in the near future.

  • I have taken the time to bond all the doors and the hood to the frame. This helped to reduce noise.

  • Other noise on HF came from the Garmin GPS used with the Kenwood TM-D700A for APRS. About 90% of this was solved with a ferrite filter installed where the GPS Signal went into the TM-D700A.

  • I attempted 2 other antenna combinations before locking in on the SGC. I have a complete set of Hustler HF antennas and bought a High Sierra "Sidekick" both of which worked OK but wanted the instant tuning of the SGC tuner. The SGC-230 is leftover from our sailing days and used to load the backstay on our 32 foot Irwin Citation.

  • We have removed the SGC SG-230 and replaced it with the SGC SG-237

    • The power of the Kenwood TS-480AT is only 100 watts and it has 6m capabilities this make the SG-237 a great match.

    • It's also smaller and lighter then the SG-230.

    • I also added the SGC SmartLoct controller to the  system to alow the antenna to be reset or locked for  split operations.

  • If you have questions please feel free to address them on the Feedback page.


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